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e-Courierís senior management team embodies over 75 years combined experience in the transportation industry, with extensive experience in the local courier business and in the underlying technology that runs the industry. They have developed and marketed the industry's most advanced and widely accepted delivery management technology.

Phil Galdi, President, Founder, Director
Mr. Galdi was previously President of Adaq Systems Corporation, which he co-founded in 1986. Mr. Galdi led Adaq from its start-up phase through its dominance as the leading supplier of advanced technology used in the local express package delivery industry. Mr. Galdi also spent three years as Vice President of Information Technology for CDS Logistics and Central Delivery. Previously, Mr. Galdi led project teams in the application of advance technology for leading transportation customers including major shipping lines and U.S. Government transportation organizations. In all, Mr. Galdi has 20 years experience in the transportation industry, with 14 of those years focused on express package delivery. Mr. Galdi holds a BA in Management from James Madison University and completed additional coursework in the MBA program at George Washington University.

Bruce Robinson, VP, Chief Technology Officer, Founder, Director
Mr. Robinson was the Chief Technology Officer at Adaq Systems Corporation and the primary architect of its flagship product, microExpress, and its successor GlobalExpress. Mr. Robinson also developed the delivery management systems used by several other express package carriers. Mr. Robinson worked previously developing transportation systems and technology at Stanford Research Institute. Mr. Robinson has 20 years experience in transportation systems, all focused on dispatch and express delivery systems. Mr. Robinson is the principal architect behind the design of e-Courierís Courier Management System (CMS), which represents the fifth generation of such systems that he has developed. Mr. Robinson has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Davis.

Clarence Lee, Founder, Director
Mr. Lee has an extensive transportation industry and business background. Mr. Lee founded Comsis Corporation, the national leading supplier of transportation systems planning services. Mr. Lee served as its Chairman and CEO for over 20 years. Previously, Mr. Lee was a founding member of the Solectron Board of Directors. Mr. Lee was also Chairman of the Board of Intelitran until his retirement from that position in 1997. Mr. Lee is now a private investor, and has provided the initial financial backing for e-Courier.

Mark Muntean, Advisor, Director
Mark Muntean is President of Windy Hill Ventures, Inc., and serves a key retained advisor to the management team of e-Courier. Mr. Muntean has thirteen years of experience in the computer industry Ė he has served in roles as Support Engineering Manager and later Major Accounts Manager responsible for Hewlett-Packardís HP3000 product line worldwide. He left Hewlett-Packard in 1993 and founded Windy Hill Ventures, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm. He has a MS in Physics from Stanford University where he attended on a Hertz Foundation Fellowship.

Mike Witte, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Mr. Witte has 18 years experience in marketing and business development in the high tech industry. Previously, he was a founder and Vice President of Marketing at FlexStar Technology, which he helped develop into a leading provider of mass storage test equipment to major disk drive and computer manufacturers including IBM, Dell, Compaq, HP, Fujitsu, Quantum, NEC, Maxtor and Samsung. Mr. Witte was also Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Edge Innovations and has held sales and marketing management positions at Seiko Instruments, Quimax Systems, and Advanced Transducer Devices. Mr. Witte has a BA in English from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Michael Alsop, Director of Logistics
Mr. Alsop was most recently Director of Development for CDS Logistics. In this position he was responsible for design and implementation of national expedited distribution systems for clients such as the Department of Defense and Fortune 200 wholesale pharmaceutical distributors. He also oversaw client transportation management services and consulting. With over 20 years of domestic and international heavy weight and small package air and ground distribution expertise, Mr. Alsop brings e-Courier valuable broad based understanding and knowledge of expedited transportation systems, including those geared towards large scale daily distributions. He is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with BA degrees in History and Economics and holds a MA degree in Economics from UCLA.
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